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Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Yoga, and Women's circles by Masha Schmidt, L.Ac

Folk Medicine Fridays - 5 Class Pass

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Folk Medicine Fridays - 5 Class Pass


Folk Medicine Fridays - 5 Class Pass

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Class One

March 29th 12-3 Dandelion medicine and making decoctions

  1. Class Two

    April 26th 12-3 Nettle medicine and making infusions

  2. Class Three

    May 24th 12-3 Mugwort medicine and using moxa

  3. Class Four

    June 7th 12-3 Lemon Balm medicine and making tinctures

  4. Class Five

    June 28th 12-3 St. John’s Wort medicine and making herbal infused oil

  5. Class Six

    July 12th 3-6 Chamomile medicine and making flower essences

  6. Class Seven

    July 26th 3-6 Calendula medicine and salve making

  7. Class Eight

    August 9th 3-6 Lavender medicine and making dream pillows

  8. Class Nine

    August 23rd 3-6 Tulsi medicine and tea blending

  9. Class Ten

    September 13th 12-3 Rose medicine and essential oil blending

  10. Class Eleven

    September 27th 12-3 Goldenrod medicine and making goldenrod honey

  11. Class Twelve

    October 4th 12-3 Ginger medicine and making fire cider

  12. Class Thirteen

    October 18th 12-3 Sage medicine and making smudge sticks