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October News


Autumn is represented by the Element of Metal.

The climatic condition of Metal is dryness - dry throat, dry skin, dry eyes - many of us are experiencing this now, even before the weather has changed. Fortunately, nature has given us the perfect remedy - apples.

Apples moisten and soothe dryness of the lung and large intestine, the organ systems ruled by Metal. They offer immediate relief for a scratchy throat and dry cough.  A tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar in water alkalizes the body and boosts immunity as well. Generally, apples are cooling and soothing to the digestion.  

Apples are powerful.  

The Greek Goddess Hera presided over a garden of apples with the power to grant immortality.  To steal one was literally a Herculean task, a quest for heroes.

In Judeo-Christian theology, it is the humble apple that hangs on the forbidden Tree of Knowledge.  A mere taste creates chaos, and choice. Yet, for Rosh Hashonah, the Jewish new year - we taste the apple dipped in honey to ensure a sweet year.

Ancient Avalon, "Isle of Apples," represented a safe haven of learning and retreat from the mundane affairs of men. The restorative and healing powers of Avalon became legendary.

In magical traditions, an apple split through its equator reveals a 5 pointed star, the number of center and earth.

Bach flower remedies use the essence of Crab Apple to heal the experience of self loathing.  It is a remedy for individuals who feel in some way unclean or poisonous.

Do you wonder why we have the urge to go apple picking? To connect to the apple tree spirits, of course. 

There is deep magic in this common fruit, and there is often truth in old wive's tales.

So pick go pick some apples and enjoy this harvest season.