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Looking ahead for 2019

Alchemical Moon Report

New & Full Moon Reports for navigating changing tides.

Looking ahead for 2019

Masha Schmidt

At the start of every new calendar year, I take time to mark my calendar with new moons, full moons, birthdays of loved ones, and other important dates to consider.

When I started writing this Alchemical Moon Report, it was my intention to post once or twice a month with interesting observations and useful information. Like any discipline, there have been challenges and rewards.

This year, I am setting out to compile all these ideas into a cohesive seasonal self-care manual - so these posts will be on hold. Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more work with you!

In the meantime, be sure you are subscribed to my newsletter - which will still go out monthly. (If you’d like to be added to the list, just email me.)

And, more importantly - MARK YOUR CALENDARS with the new and full moons! The earth, moon, and stars are all right there to help guide our decisions, take advantage.

Many blessings, Masha

2019 Full Moon Dates

January 21

February 19

March 20

April 19

May 18

June 17

July 16

August 15

September 14

October  13

November 12

December 12