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Autumn is the season of Metal

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Autumn is the season of Metal

Masha Schmidt

Every year, I get excited as the weather turns cool and we move into the Element of Metal!

The associated emotion is grief, and this can give Metal a bad reputation. No-one wants to experience unresolved, debilitating melancholy, but give yourself a chance to mindfully visit this valuable emotion. As we touch upon old or new grief, it is possible to find greater understanding of our losses. Deciduous trees are losing their leaves, but it inspires us with a flash of color, and reminds us that letting go is a strategy for resilience.

Some things to consider about the Metal Element:

Metal is precise, systematic, and meticulous. In balance, these qualities help us stay even tempered and in control of our emotions. In excess, these same qualities can lead to inflexibility of both body and mind. Physically, make sure to increase stretching as the weather turns cools and the synovial fluid becomes thicker. To tame emotional rigidity, try a regular meditation practice to soften the mind.

The lungs are associated with Metal, and considered the most vulnerable organ. Especially in the Autumn, a Metal imbalance can lead to frequent colds, allergies, or flare ups of asthma. Get that Neti-Pot out and use it often! Eucalyptus and tee tree oil are two immune supporting essential for the season.

The Metal element is linked to our internal alarm system, allowing us to feel things internally before they manifest, and is linked to premonitions. The spirit of Metal is the PO - our ‘animal’ aspect, that ‘6th sense’ function of intuition. To support this and gain insight, spend some time unplugged in nature. You may be surprised at how much information you receive.

Metal is concerned with boundaries, the metaphorical skin between us and the world. This helps us decide what to take in and what to let go. A wonderful practice is dry brushing before a shower with a natural bristle brush. It stimulates blood flow and helps slough off dead cells, allowing the skin to perform its natural functions more efficiently.

The PO lives in the moment, our vitality rides on each breath. Particularly affected by regret, remorse, and a lingering sense of loss - these emotions can obstruct our ability to take in and let go. Grief can actually lead to difficulty breathing. This is when the Pranayama practice becomes crucial - Deerga Swasam and Nadhi Sudhhi can be game changers for dealing with overwhelming emotions.

Have you been using strategies that support the Metal Element? Tell me all about it!

Love and happy Autumn,