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Full Moon aftercare

Alchemical Moon Report

New & Full Moon Reports for navigating changing tides.

Full Moon aftercare

Masha Schmidt

This past full moon left me sleepless and scattered.

As usual, waxing moon time is full of energy and activity. This month was an especially potent combination of county fair visits, taming an overgrown garden, medicine making for winter, and back to school preparation. 

By the time the moon is waning, I'm feeling a bit deflated too. Here are my favorite self care techniques for the weeks between the full and new moon. This is a chance to be gentle and slow down each month.

  • Connect to the divine - meditation, incense, candles, a walk to the church on the corner...all of these work
  • Savor a meal - actually taking the time to enjoy meal prep, seasonal ingredients, and lingering at the table after a home cooked meal can be the stabilizing force in a packed schedule
  • Ditch the to-do list - It can be so liberating to know that there is a stack of things to get done, and they all can wait a day or two! This suggestion comes as a happy accident, when I actually lost my to-do list (whoever found it, may it serve you well). 
  • Quiet time - Put this on your calendar, and revel in it as part of your self care practice, without the guilt! Then cozy up with a stack of library books, or movie night on the sofa.
  • Mark your calendar! Seriously. It's hard to prepare if you don't know the full moon dates and you have forgotten to look up.

2018 Full Moon Schedule

9/24/18 - 10:54 pm Full Harvest Moon

10/24/2018 -  12:47 pm Full Hunter's Moon

11/23/18 12:41 -  am Full Beaver Moon

12/22/18 -  12:50 pm Full Cold Moon