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New Moon Magic: Part I, Sympathetic Magic

Alchemical Moon Report

New & Full Moon Reports for navigating changing tides.

New Moon Magic: Part I, Sympathetic Magic

Masha Schmidt

Sympathetic Magic  - What you are seeking seeks you

Each month we have a new moon, and another opportunity to set intentions. Some refer to this as magic. So what is magic outside the world of fiction? Is it magic every time the earth spins perfectly on its axis, a baby is born, or a tree flowers? YES

When we take off our blinders to these daily miracles (like gravity and other natural 'laws'), the world is illuminated with sparkle. I mean - have you seen those FIREFLIES these past few weeks???

Sympathetic magic is a practice used by every culture around the world throughout time, although of course it goes by many names. Every time we light incense in a temple, kiss the Torah, roll out a prayer rug - we are using physical symbols to remind us of our connection to the divine. Humans need these things, just like children need toys to map out their world.


Sympathetic Magic can be described as:

  • Connection - a way of relating to the world around us, with the belief that there are invisible subtle energies at work.

  • Symbolic. Using elements, chakras, tarot, candles, religious symbols & ceremonies - we solidify what is ephemeral. These are our ‘toys’ and tools - they become powerful through intention, belief, and devotion. 

  • Eclectic. Many of us that identify with magic and spellcraft draw on various traditions. We take comfort in the intersection of spiritual paths, rather than highlighting their differences. When learning and practicing in new ways, it is important to respect other cultures (especially those indigenous and marginalized). Seek trustworthy sources and teachers.  As Swami Satchidananda would say - “Truth is one, paths are many”. 


To consider when setting an intention or creating a ritual:

-The value of gratitude, and finding fulfillment with what we have. Most of us are already bursting with abundance and don't actually need more. For when we do - remember that gratitude is a very powerful prayer.

-True joy vs. what joy looks like in magazines, ads, and social media. What really brings us harmony? This may be simpler than you think. Simplicity holds tremendous potential for joy.

-Political power resides in resistance to a popular culture that conflicts with our spiritual practice. We stop using the environment, people, and treating the world as disposable. Think about who and what has been used to provide us with the lifestyle we enjoy. Think about how to live a life of service in the most genuine way.

  • Consider seeking freedom from the veil of illusion. Don’t confuse manifestation or getting things you want with power. True power comes from allowing the good and the bad to pass feely through our lives, as cycles do.

  • Your magic is only as good as your intention and follow through. Don’t light your candle or take your ritual bath and just sit back. Create your spell, state  your intention, and then be prepared to work. Be prepared for your wish to look different than you imagined, be judicious in saying yes and saying no. This is all part of the practice.

  • Source materials wisely: These are not unlimited, and our garbage doesn’t just disappear. As people working toward healing the planet we have a great responsibility. Try to use natural or repurposed materials. (beeswax or soy candles instead of paraffin for example). Decrease waste and consumerism. Source carefully - especially white sage, sandalwood oil, gems and other resources that are being hastily harvested for our spiritual work. Everything you need is probably right outside your window - substitute local for exotic when you can.


How to choose an intention:

  • Ask for guidance from your ancestors, guides, trusted friends, divination, tarot - etc. Really consider what you are asking for before working to manifest something on the physical plane. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

  • Always say 'for the greater good', 'for my greater good', 'for the greater good of all beings', or add 'if it be your will'. When I state an intention or prayer at the end I always add,  'or even better.' Sometimes 'even better' looks very different than we expect and it actually means we don’t get what we wanted. Please add these safeguards to your magic.

  • The energy we send out really does come back to us!

Happy New Moon! July's Full Moon Report will include detailed instructions for Candle Magic so stay tuned!

Please comment with any questions, ideas, and observations!