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Is the New Moon making me sad?

Alchemical Moon Report

New & Full Moon Reports for navigating changing tides.

Is the New Moon making me sad?

Masha Schmidt

In Traditional East Asian Medicine, Fire is the element of summer, and the emotion of Fire is Joy.

It's an imbalance of Fire to expect joy all the time. Consider the dangers of 'over joy' - addiction, mania, and loss of perspective. No one would choose this, but we've all experienced its devastating effects. So how can we manage expectations in a culture that profits from the relentless pursuit of more? Nature is not productive all the time. It's foolish to strive for a life of endless comfort.

We are not meant to be constantly happy - even in the summer. Those incredible peonies we were all enjoying a few weeks ago are now wilted and brown. Because grocery stores stock the same foods all year long, we tend to forget the true nature of growing seasons. We are cycling right along with the plants and the moon! What if the answers to our own dilemmas are right outside our windows? 

What are the plants in your area doing right now? The roses don't rig themselves up in neon with 24 hour OPEN signs to increase productivity and attract more pollinators. They close at night. 

If we are unable to accept periods of sadness, dormancy, and a desire to curl up - we can become irritated with the energies of the New Moon. Darkness is important and necessary for growth, not an inconvenience to be endured until we can be efficient again. All the productivity we crave is right around the corner - most potent during the waxing and full moon phases. And with Summer Solstice on June 21st - we are being flooded with high vibes these next few weeks. Rising Yang will have us walking further, accomplishing more, and shining brighter.

But maybe not today. 

Each New Moon leaves me in the dark, internally focused. I'm not at my proudest when I'm feeling this way, even knowing it will pass. 

I know how it is, so I'm giving you permission to pause. Take a bath. Have a pity party (with Goth playlist, of course). Some sadness, especially the cyclical pull of the moon, just wants to be honored. 

We know, in our very cells, that a useful, contented, and connected life doesn't come from success, money, fame, or Instagram likes. It can't be found in a shopping cart.

On this new moon, I encourage you to step away from your screen, look inside, and ask yourself how you are feeling. Pause. Then head outside, wherever you are, and look up toward the moon. You will not see much of her, but have faith anyway. Another part of you knows the moon is there even when she's not visible. Develop that quality.

Trust that the good thoughts, kind words, and helful actions that come from you will blossom in the coming weeks and months. Even if it is not profitable, productive, or documented.

It's ok to feel shitty. It will change. Frost makes plants stronger.

Some seeds need darkness to germinate.