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Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Yoga, and Women's circles by Masha Schmidt, L.Ac

Upcoming New & Full Moon Schedule

Alchemical Moon Report

New & Full Moon Reports for navigating changing tides.

Upcoming New & Full Moon Schedule

Masha Schmidt

The first edition of Alchemical Moon Report will be revealed under the lucky and auspicious New Moon on June 13th.

Until then, please continue to moonbathe and mark your calendars:

Full Flower Moon Tuesday, May 29th 10:20 am

New Moon Wednesday, June 13th 3:45 pm 

Full Strawberry Moon Thursday, June 28th 12:54 am

"The moon is our celestial "night-light." She is a shape-shifter who stays close to the earth and guides us to follow her nocturnal rhythms of waxing and waning as she fills with light and empties into darkness again each month. The lunar cycle adds a different current to our lives than the solar cycle. It is deeper and more internal, a water rather than a fire cycle. The moon is a fluid anchor for our soul's journey."
-Robin Rose Bennett, Healing Magic