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Alchemical Moon Report

New & Full Moon Reports for navigating changing tides.


Masha Schmidt

This past weekend - right at the height of new moon in Leo - my family was in Vermont, celebrating the completion of my son's camping experience. A brave group of teens and (maybe braver) pair of counselors set out on a 37 day, 273 mile hike through Vermont to the Canada border.  That, like Leo the lion - is one manifestation of strength! And like the Tarot card for Strength, (another iconic lion) - their epic hike was all about stubborn perseverance.


The classic Rider-Waite deck depicts a wild lion being 'tamed' by a woman - a delicate balance of the feminine/soul vs masculine/body paradigm. The infinity symbol above her gentle head implies that spiritual strength can overpower brute force, if applied correctly. This is epitome of the hero/heroine journey. But what skills are required of us on other, less linear voyages? 

This card has had many interpretations - it was once called Fortitude - Fortezza, or La Force. Fortitude and strength are altogether different beasts, useful in different situations. Strength involves overpowering something, fortitude involves enduring something.  

Some trials are outward and dramatic, fighting something or someone under the powerful full moon light. But what about the inward battle to just show up each day? Not visible from the outside, that is new moon territory. 

How does a dark moon reveal herself? There's nothing to see by looking up, so look inward.

It is powerful and occasionally terrifying to watch a child entering adulthood. Sometimes there is nothing we can do but get out of the way, so that those we love can face their own proverbial lions. That is strength. And yet, to have faith is to take action. Even if we do not journey, it is heroic to trust that each child has their own moon, their own sun, and their own steps to take. That is fortitude.

Full Moon Magic: Part 2 - DIY Candle Magic

Masha Schmidt

Candle Magic Instructions

these are meant as a guide only, intention is key!

Candle magic is perhaps one of the oldest forms of sympathetic magic on the planet. Candles and sacred flames are used across cultures to celebrate holy days, rights of passage, and for wish making. All you really need is a desire and a candle. Here are some more specific suggestions for you DIY types.....

Intention: Be clear about what your candle is intended to manifest. Be brief and direct. One intention per candle. Remember – the use of your personal will can only manifest if it is in alignment with the world will. Sometimes an answer will come, and it will take longer or appear in another form than we had imagined. Rejection can be protection. Avoid limited thinking, but be specific and ask politely. Give thanks for what is and what will be. The universe is generous. I encourage you to add 'or better' as an addition to any specific request. Keep in mind the difference between a request and a demand. Careful making demands in magical work, you might get what you asked for! For more on this, see Part I of this post.

Candle Choice: The candle is a symbol of your goal or desire. It is a way of bringing the physical plane into alignment with your wishes. Any candle or color will work if the thought forms are strong. Here are some colors that are often associated with specific goals in magical work. Remember our commitment to the Earth, and avoid pollutant producing paraffin (petroleum) candles. Spend the extra time and money to use sustainable materials.

  • White candle: Best all purpose. Neutral energy, purity, new beginnings. If you are not sure which color- white contains all colors. Goddess in her maiden aspect.
  • Pink candle: Energy of love, especially self love and love in its most elevated form. Healing, kindness, nurturing, affection. Heart Chakra, romance, feminine energy.
  • Red candle: Passion, vitality, potency, blood, and physical health. Root Chakra. Abundance. Fire. Goddess in her lover aspect.
  • Green candle: Heart Chakra, Wood and Earth elements. The ascension to abundance - money, growth, expansion. Energy of the forest, plant magic and renewal.
  • Blue candle: Peace, tranquility, protection. Throat Chakra. Energy of Water. Opens communication, calms emotions and helps gain control of overwhelming feelings. 
  • Black candle: Transformation. Letting go of what no longer serves. Cutting off ties. Welcoming a full ending before a new venture. Good for banishing negative energies or situations. Repels negativity. Goddess in her crone aspect.
  • Purple candle: High vibration, spiritual journeys, psychic abilities. 3rd Eye or Crown chakra. Spiritual power or influence. Also general success, and household protection. Color of royalty.
  • Yellow candle: Solar Plexus. Personal power, sun energy. Logic, learning, imagination, confidence, mental pursuits, and healing. Air or Earth element. Goddess in her mother aspect.
  • Orange Candle: Energy of relationship, number 2, passion, Sacral Chakra. Success, luck, stamina, attraction. Calls for fast luck. A major change bringer.

Personalizing the candle: Before starting, smudge or wipe off your candle. Then, using a ritual or artistic tool with a sharp point, carve your candle with the words or symbols that represent your goal. Then carve in your full name, date of birth, and astrological symbol. Remember – send only good things! If someone asks you to make a candle for them, suggest they make their own until you are very safe and experienced in your practice. Never carve anyone else's name into a candle without their permission!

Once the candle is carved, you can anoint it with scented oils that support your wishes. Either roll the candle in selected herbs, or place those herbs on the altar. Rolling the oiled candle in (biodegradable) glitter will illuminate your words and images.

Before placing the candle into a container or dish, try pouring some honey or maple syrup into the bottom of the candle holder. Taste and relish the sweetness of your efforts. Try adding pennies, gemstones, or any other small (non flammable) object that represents your goal.

Some common herb and oil correspondences:

  • Basil - protection, money, luck
  • Cinnamon - passion, love, abundance
  • Frankincense - clearing, purity, focus, spiritual focus
  • Ginger - stamina, energy, love, prosperity
  • Jasmine - love, lust, sensuality, riches
  • Lavender - purity, health, protection
  • Rose - love, healing, forgiveness
  • Rosemary - vitality, focus, strength, clarity

Timing: Choose the most fortuitous moon phase and day

Days of the Week Correspondences:

  • Sunday - Solar energy. For glory, success, honor & recognition
  • Monday - MOONDAY. Lunar energy. For healing, opening doors, clarity. Feminine matters, dreams, intuition
  • Tuesday - Ruled by Mars. For protection on physical and psychic levels, healing, motivation, strength, passion
  • Wednesday - Ruled by Mercury. Intellectual matters, communication, writing, mental endeavors, luck, divination
  • Thursday - Ruled by Jupiter. Wisdom, luck, prosperity, success, strength, legal situations, recognition
  • Friday - Ruled by Venus. Love, romance, friendship, self esteem, healing, finances, arts, fertility
  • Saturday - Ruled by Saturn. Karmic issues, grounding, banishing, stability, discipline, healing from loss

Moon Phase: 

  • New Moon: Good for starting new projects, releasing what no longer serves, fresh beginnings. Light after the new moon has passed for building energy (waxing), light slightly before the new moon for release (waning).
  • Full Moon: Best for magnifying intention and harnessing power, the physical is more closely aligned with the emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. Light slightly before the full moon for building energy (waxing), and slightly after the full moon has passed for releasing (waning).
  • Power Days: Solstices, Equinoxes, Cross Quarter days, birthdays, any day that is celebrated in your tradition

Lighting: Holding your candle, imagine your intention as fulfilled. Draw in deep breaths and see your life as though the wish were already granted. Cultivate any feelings of relief, joy, peace, release, etc. as you light the flame.

If you are not able to let your candle burn down in one sitting, it is considered best to carefully snuff it out with your fingers or a candle snuffer. Blowing out the candle may scatter the energy. Use caution and common sense!

Some candles, especially pillar candles, may take some time to burn all the way down. Keep your intention strong and cultivate patience. When the candle burns all the way down, give thanks and consider the spell complete. 

Words: Candle magic can be strengthened with incantations. Think of this as a poem, rhyme, chant, mantra, etc. There is power in speaking your intention out loud. As you imagine your goal, say the incantation. If you need to extinguish your candle, say the words again as you re-light. Use an affirmation that is helpful and fun to say.

A good all purpose incantation that calls on the elements is:

“By the power of the earth, the air, the sun and the sea                                    This divine fire flows through me                                                                            As I will, so shall it be - OR EVEN BETTER”

Best of luck to you!

New Moon Magic: Part I, Sympathetic Magic

Masha Schmidt

Sympathetic Magic  - What you are seeking seeks you

Each month we have a new moon, and another opportunity to set intentions. Some refer to this as magic. So what is magic outside the world of fiction? Is it magic every time the earth spins perfectly on its axis, a baby is born, or a tree flowers? YES

When we take off our blinders to these daily miracles (like gravity and other natural 'laws'), the world is illuminated with sparkle. I mean - have you seen those FIREFLIES these past few weeks???

Sympathetic magic is a practice used by every culture around the world throughout time, although of course it goes by many names. Every time we light incense in a temple, kiss the Torah, roll out a prayer rug - we are using physical symbols to remind us of our connection to the divine. Humans need these things, just like children need toys to map out their world.


Sympathetic Magic can be described as:

  • Connection - a way of relating to the world around us, with the belief that there are invisible subtle energies at work.

  • Symbolic. Using elements, chakras, tarot, candles, religious symbols & ceremonies - we solidify what is ephemeral. These are our ‘toys’ and tools - they become powerful through intention, belief, and devotion. 

  • Eclectic. Many of us that identify with magic and spellcraft draw on various traditions. We take comfort in the intersection of spiritual paths, rather than highlighting their differences. When learning and practicing in new ways, it is important to respect other cultures (especially those indigenous and marginalized). Seek trustworthy sources and teachers.  As Swami Satchidananda would say - “Truth is one, paths are many”. 


To consider when setting an intention or creating a ritual:

-The value of gratitude, and finding fulfillment with what we have. Most of us are already bursting with abundance and don't actually need more. For when we do - remember that gratitude is a very powerful prayer.

-True joy vs. what joy looks like in magazines, ads, and social media. What really brings us harmony? This may be simpler than you think. Simplicity holds tremendous potential for joy.

-Political power resides in resistance to a popular culture that conflicts with our spiritual practice. We stop using the environment, people, and treating the world as disposable. Think about who and what has been used to provide us with the lifestyle we enjoy. Think about how to live a life of service in the most genuine way.

  • Consider seeking freedom from the veil of illusion. Don’t confuse manifestation or getting things you want with power. True power comes from allowing the good and the bad to pass feely through our lives, as cycles do.

  • Your magic is only as good as your intention and follow through. Don’t light your candle or take your ritual bath and just sit back. Create your spell, state  your intention, and then be prepared to work. Be prepared for your wish to look different than you imagined, be judicious in saying yes and saying no. This is all part of the practice.

  • Source materials wisely: These are not unlimited, and our garbage doesn’t just disappear. As people working toward healing the planet we have a great responsibility. Try to use natural or repurposed materials. (beeswax or soy candles instead of paraffin for example). Decrease waste and consumerism. Source carefully - especially white sage, sandalwood oil, gems and other resources that are being hastily harvested for our spiritual work. Everything you need is probably right outside your window - substitute local for exotic when you can.


How to choose an intention:

  • Ask for guidance from your ancestors, guides, trusted friends, divination, tarot - etc. Really consider what you are asking for before working to manifest something on the physical plane. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

  • Always say 'for the greater good', 'for my greater good', 'for the greater good of all beings', or add 'if it be your will'. When I state an intention or prayer at the end I always add,  'or even better.' Sometimes 'even better' looks very different than we expect and it actually means we don’t get what we wanted. Please add these safeguards to your magic.

  • The energy we send out really does come back to us!

Happy New Moon! July's Full Moon Report will include detailed instructions for Candle Magic so stay tuned!

Please comment with any questions, ideas, and observations!