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Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Yoga, and Women's circles by Masha Schmidt, L.Ac

Yoga Nidra and Essential Wellness - Wood Element

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Yoga Nidra and Essential Wellness - Wood Element

Yoga Nidra and Essential Wellness

with Masha Schmidt and Melia Marzollo
First Fridays of Every Month 7:30-8:30pm

Yoga Nidra, commonly referred to as Yoga sleep brings you into an deep brain-wave sleep, one that can’t be reached by conventional sleep. Eliciting the relaxation response is a skill that we can learn and then practice. The practice of intentional relaxation rewires the nervous system and changes our habitual reactions to life.

Join us through a year of First Friday offerings - moving through 7 Chakras and 5 Elements to gain connection to ourselves and the seasonal changes around us. Each class includes corresponding herbal tea and essential oils, hands on acupressure, and time for your specific questions after class.

*please wear comfy clothes (layers are ideal), bring your yoga mat or rent one at the studio, please register in advance*

Dates are as follows:

  • March 1st
    Focus: Root Chakra
    Oil + Tea: Ginger

  • April 5th 
    Focus: Wood Element
    Oil + Tea: Peppermint

  • May 3rd 
    Focus: Sacral Chakra
    Oil + Tea: Sandalwood + Rose

  • June 7th 
    Focus: Fire Element
    Oil + Tea: Chamomile

  • July 26th (last Friday of the month) 
    Focus: Solar Plexus Chakra
    Oil + Tea: Bergamot

  • August 2nd
    Focus: Earth Element
    Oil + Tea: Lemongrass

  • September 6th
    Focus: Heart Chakra
    Oil + Tea: Jasmine

  • October 4th
    Focus: Metal Element
    Oil + Tea : Pine

  • November 1st
    Focus: Throat Chakra
    Oil + Tea: Rosemary / Juniper Berry

  • December 6th
    Focus: Water Element
    Oil + Tea: Geranium

  • January 3rd
    Focus: 3rd Eye Chakra
    Oil + Tea: Holy Basil

  • February 7th
    Focus: Crown Chakra
    Oil + Tea: Lavender

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