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Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Yoga, and Women's circles by Masha Schmidt, L.Ac

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Women's Seasonal Health Workshop
1:00 PM13:00

Women's Seasonal Health Workshop

Women’s Seasonal Health Workshop - Releasing What No Longer Serves Us

This Autumn - let go of what is no longer needed so you focus on what is really important!

Ascend Wellness Team members Masha Schmidt, L.Ac and Lynne Ward, LCSW present a mind/body approach to Seasonal Health.

Moving into Fall, we will utilize the power of seasonal change to let go of what is no longer working in our lives.

IDENTIFY what we need to let go of.

Don’t carry it into the upcoming Season! Release unhealthy relationships, negative emotions, unfulfilling activities, past issues, and anything else holding you back.

TRANSFORM negative patterns into useful strategies

Trees shed their leaves each Autumn to store energy for the winter, and so can we. By tuning into the seasonal shift, we can change our strategies to align with nature and find ease.

HARMONIZE AND BALANCE with self care techniques Through meditation, visualization, writing, aromatherapy, movement, and acupressure - you will emerge with concrete strategies to support your transformation.

This workshop is open to all that identify as women.

Cost: $125 Register

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5 Element Aromatherapy at GFHC in Hudson, NY
1:00 PM13:00

5 Element Aromatherapy at GFHC in Hudson, NY

Receive a custom blended essential oil just for you - based on your intention and your unique constitution.

What is 5 Element Aromatherapy? Based on Traditional East Asian Medicine, essential oils are viewed from the perspective of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water. Blended to harmonize these elements, we pair aromatherapy with acupressure points for maximum benefit.

How it Works: Sign up by emailing for a 30 minute time slot with Masha. After considering your pulse and scent preferences, she will create a blend for you and teach you corresponding points for application. 

$35 for the intake and oil blend.

email: to sign up.

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