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Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Yoga, and Women's circles by Masha Schmidt, L.Ac


Folk Medicine Fridays

Folk Medicine Fridays


  1. Class One

    March 29th 12-3 Dandelion medicine and making decoctions

  2. Class Two

    April 26th 12-3 Nettle medicine and making infusions

  3. Class Three

    May 24th 12-3 Mugwort medicine and using moxa

  4. Class Four

    June 7th 12-3 Lemon Balm medicine and making tinctures

  5. Class Five

    June 28th 12-3 St. John’s Wort medicine and making herbal infused oil

  6. Class Six

    July 12th 3-6 Chamomile medicine and making flower essences

  7. Class Seven

    July 26th 3-6 Calendula medicine and salve making

  8. Class Eight

    August 9th 3-6 Lavender medicine and making dream pillows

  9. Class Nine

    August 23rd 3-6 Tulsi medicine and tea blending

  10. Class Ten

    September 13th 12-3 Rose medicine and essential oil blending

  11. Class Eleven

    September 27th 12-3 Goldenrod medicine and making goldenrod honey

  12. Class Twelve

    October 4th 12-3 Ginger medicine and making fire cider

  13. Class Thirteen

    October 18th 12-3 Sage medicine and making smudge sticks


Folk Medicine Fridays are a series of classes designed to empower and bring information to folks like you. The local medicinal weeds and common plants of the Hudson Valley offer an abundance of medicine. Through gathering together, broadening our understanding of both plants and health - we can create magic. Moving through Spring, Summer, and Autumn - we will explore when to harvest plants, the myriad of ways they can be utilized, suggestions about foraging and sourcing plants, and developing a relationship to the plant world around us. Each class will cover a different plant and method preparation. The three hour session will offer discussion, plant ID, and medicine making. All materials provided.

Folk Medicine Fridays are for you…if you are interested in taking more responsibility for your own health, and the vitality of the plants in your backyard. No experience necessary as a gardener or herbalist, just wear comfortable clothes for the weather and bring your natural curiosity.

Folk Medicine Fridays may not be for you…if you are looking for a clinical herbalism training. These classes will not offer the extensive training needed to become a master herbalist.

Details & Register

All Classes held at Ascend Studio in Cold Spring, with some short neighborhood walks for plant identification. Dress comfortably for the weather and walking. These will be an action packed 3 hours, so please bring snacks, we won’t have time for long breaks.

Times vary by season so please check the time!

Cost is $65 per session, or, if you want to spend more time together - $650 for the whole series (3 free classes), or a 5 class pack ($55 per class). When purchasing a package, please choose your dates as soon as possible. Pre-registration required, this will be an intimate gathering so space is very limited.

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